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Your body is the temple, this is one of the very old saying. But, can we really get an idea, whether we are okay from within or not. This is one of the reasons that doctors usually prescribe regular health check-ups, to get a fair idea of what is the condition of our organs from within. Because, it has been found that, there are some diseases which don't come into light, unless it touches the peak, and by the time it starts to show the symptom, it often the person gets into the diseased or sick category. So, it is best to go for regular health check-ups every once in six months, for a healthy individual. The number of checkups increases, if the person is already ill. In short, if you really want to keep diseases at a bay, then it is best to go and opt for regular health checkup. And, UbCared is one of the best platforms to order online lab tests, and get your sample collected directly from your home.

UbCared offering blood sample collection at your doorstep

Whether you have a prescription or not, you can order a test of your choice from your place. As per your choice you can book a slot. We have the facility of collecting blood samples from your house or you can also visit labs for giving blood samples. All you have to do is just follow the normal procedure, for instance, if you are willing to go for a blood test that includes fasting and postprandial glucose tests. Then just book the test slot as per your convenience, entering all your details, then the lab attendant or expert will visit your place to take your blood sample. Once your blood sample collection is done, your reports will be delivered to you in the shortest time. So, you can take the necessary consultation from your doctor.

Benefits of ordering lab test from your home

  • Contact less sample collection
  • Helps you in saving a lot of time
  • Without going out, you can get your sample collected from your home done
  • You can get the reports at your residence
  • Online payment for test, meaning you don't have to rush to your bank or nearest ATM
  • Hassle free process, wherein you don't have to wait in queue for long hours
  • Hygiene and precaution standards are maintained, meaning users will be more confident on the nature of service delivered to them.

Apart from the above listed benefits, you will also get attractive discounts on every test or a lot of tests. You can book your slot today, to stay away from all diseases, in case you are already suffering from any ailment, then availing these tests time to time, you can stay healthy and live a normal life. You pay only for the test and the blood sample collection is absolutely free.

How to book lab test for yourself

  • Visit
  • Click on "booklabtest"
  • Enter your details, such as name, mobile number and your home address
  • Click on submit

The lab test expert will visit your place on time. We have covered every corner of our country, meaning you can look for a lab test near me. We are also covering pathology tests online, so, all your concerns will be answered at one place that is UbCared. We have the best deals for you in all blood tests, apart from this you can order lab tests without doctor referral.

So, hurry up now.


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