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UbCared is a healthcare platform that addresses some unmet healthcare needs and so the patients' stress points. Our mission is to help patients to become better patients because a well-organized patient is able to do a much better job during consultation. We aim to achieve this by providing relevant health articles for various medical conditions that will better educate the patients about their illness. This also prepares patients on what questions to ask the doctors, how to organise for the appointment and when to go for a second opinion, etc.

General triaging of the patients: Based on specific symptoms we triage the patients for various medical conditions using some pre-set questions prepared in consultation with medical experts worldwide. Our platform will guide the patients about the relevant specialist who will then be available online for chat, voice or video consultation to decide whether the patients need to be seen in person right away. In most cases patients end up having consultation with unspecific specialist at first instance which unnecessarily delays the diagnosis process and so the treatment procedure. In brief, the general triaging will be done with the help of our app using your response to the pre-set questions.

Helping patients and doctors alike: At the time of boking a consultation, patients will have the option/opportunity to upload their previous health reports, prescriptions and any relevant health information. Doctors will then be able to review the health records prior to appointment resulting better use of limited consultation time for better patients' care.

Patient - Patient, Patient - Doctor, Doctor - Doctor interaction: A helpful section of our portal will serve as a guide during patient journey a social networking forum (discussion group) between patient and doctor community. In future, we aim to bring overseas doctors on the platform for referral and second opinion if needed. Gradually, through this platform, patients can book appointments with doctors, order medicines, schedule diagnostic tests or have an online consultation (chat/voice/video) with doctors and they can maintain health records digitally, etc.

UbCared is conceptualised by Dr Mukesh Kumar (BEng Electronic Systems Engineering and PhD Physics both from Lancaster University) and Rashmi Mukesh (BSc Chemistry, pursuing research in immunochemistry from Lancaster University, UK). Both are serial entrepreneurs who co-founded two medtech startups supported by the competitive innovation grants in the UK and Europe along with external equity finance. The two ventures focus on developing point-of-care blood testing devices to address some unmet clinical needs. They have carried out various medtech projects in collaboration with healthcare providers in UK, India, USA - this experience has given a great insight of the unmet healthcare needs.


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